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Monday, January 29, 2018

Some Random Thoughts

Cool New YouTube Channel

I accidentally stumbled upon an interesting YouTube channel last night. It is called Farming Outside The Box. The channel focuses on lean production strategies implemented at Fancy Hills Farm. The farm is relatively low-tech, and the farmers there focus on small-scale livestock production. The videos are concise and candid, lasting no more than four minutes. The quintessential book concerning lean farming, at least in my opinion, remains Ben Hartman's The Lean Farm. He farms at Clay Bottom Farm, located in Northern Indiana.

Blog Schedule

Spring across the South is fast approaching. I begin planting in early February. Consequently, I started prepping beds last week. Now that I have more information to blog about compared to discussing Excel spreadsheets during the winter doldrums, I plan on posting articles every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday nights. Once I begin planting the summer garden in late March, I will also blog on Wednesday nights. Most topics will mirror the workflow of a operating a market garden.

My Respect For Collards and Kale Abounds

Collards and kale are all that remain from my winter garden. The unusually cold temperatures which gripped the Deep South in December and January terminated most of what I grew. I am absolutely amazed at the resiliency collards and kale. Despite two snowstorms and intense foraging from deer and rabbits, both plants continue to be vibrant and plentiful. My wife cooked collards Sunday in the crock-pot with just salt and pepper, and they tasted just as good as what a restaurant can produce.

Justin Rhodes Truly is the Chicken Ninja

I enjoy watching Justin Rhodes's YouTube channel. He along with Joel Salatin are the undisputed chicken gurus. I have tried many of Justin's methods, especially concerning the management of chicken feed, and they all work. I encourage y'all to visit his YouTube channel.

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